Doug Johnson – Counselor

Doug Johnson MA, LPC
Doug Johnson Counselor in Cape GirardeauDoug Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in relationship issues, stress management, and depression. Doug enjoys working with couples in Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling to help them develop better communication skills and conflict-resolution skills. Many couples come to counseling feeling disconnected. Doug helps his clients focus on what is currently causing problems and in finding solutions to those problems. When working with individuals for stress management and depression, Doug believes that counseling is hugely powerful in his clients’ lives if they are willing to work on changes that need to be made.

Doug’s primary therapeutic approach is Gestalt Psychology. He encourages people to focus on the “here and now” to increase their sense of control. Gestalt Psychology believes that an individual’s perspective is a product of complex interactions. The emphasis in Gestalt Psychology is on what is being done, thought, and felt at the moment rather that what was, might be, could be, or should be. Doug has evening availability in our Cape Girardeau office.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Southeast Missouri State University
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Southeast Missouri State University
Master’s Degree in Psychological Counseling from Southeast Missouri State University

Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Community Emergency Response Team, Certified Trainer

When Doug is not working, he enjoys swimming, fishing, playing guitar, and is a Martial Arts Instructor.

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